Isla De Brielle

Isla De Brielle


Introducing "Isla De Brielle"

#Funbaby, #Trendybaby, #Hipbaby, #CoolBaby #BabyFashions that's sure to strike attention. 

Styles available in sizes24 mo thru size 6.

A brand for the child that's able to stand on their own with confidence and with such coolness it surprises us with their ages. A powerhouse of a child. Need I say more?Destined for stardom, even if only in the eyes of loved ones.Isla De Brielle, will feature bright floral tropical prints, bold colored, flowing rayon, and silks, wild animal prints, faux furs, fabric handbags, ponchos, wide brim sun hats to match coordinating outfits, faux leather and suede, just to name a few."Isla De Brielle"Statement FashionA brand for every child who owns her walk way and the rooms she walks into!

Don't you ever let a soul in the world tell you that you can't be exactly who you are.Lady Gaga~  

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